The Nootrie system

Over the last few years, pod systems have taken the beverage industry by storm, changing the lives of people across the globe. Starting with coffee and tea dispensers, pod systems now also offer soft drinks, cold beverages and even baby food!


Nootrie was developed for active and health- conscious people that lead a modern lifestyle. It is suitable for all age groups and can easily be integrated into your day, no matter if you are active in sports, have a busy job or are just looking for a little bit of indulgence and appreciate convenience.

There’s a Nootrie drink for (almost) every type of situation

  • Start your day with Nootrie and feel energized!
  • Lacking the time or ingredients to prepare a healthy breakfast? Don’t worry, Nootrie’s got you covered with a drink that is satisfying and gets you ready for an active day.
  • Treat yourself to a healthy snack with a delicious Nootrie drink instead of falling for artificially sweetened calorie bombs like chocolate bars, pastry or sandwiches.
  • And if your lunch break is too short to allow for a balanced meal, Nootrie also offers a great alternative.
  • Overcome afternoon tiredness with a Nootrie drink that gives you the energy to accelerate at mental or physical activities.
  • To support your regeneration after work-out or simply to unwind after an eventful day, Nootrie offers a drink that will make you feel balanced and relaxed.
  • Feeling peckish at the end of the day? Treat yourself to a Nootrie good-night snack and round up your daily intake of nutrients.

In addition to these products, Nootrie is developing drinks that will cater for special diets and food intolerances, vegans, cover fitness and complement health programmes.


At Nootrie, our mission is simple. We share your concerns for well-being and want to support you in making healthy lifestyle choices at your convenience. In fact, we have made this our business!

The Nootrie brand reflects our focus on supporting a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle. Nootrie underlines this commitment with modernity, technical perfection, healthy indulgence and the quality standards expected from a Swiss company.

Nootrie is synonymous with a modern lifestyle, and its collaboration with renowned brand manufacturers guarantees the highest possible quality. Utilising the knowledge of healthy nutritional supplements from our partners, we are able to offer you a range of products that support various daily rhythms. Immerse yourself in the Nootrie world and experience the unique difference that we can offer.


Now, Nootrie has created a new revolution by introducing an appliance and pod system for nutritional drinks. The pods, containing a distinct blend of nutritional supplements, are mixed with water to produce a smooth and tasty drink. The innovative appliance is the first of its kind in the beverage industry and has been developed by Nootrie Ltd. We have currently filed patents for the appliance and pods. Now, it is possible to combine a healthy and active lifestyle with the simple convenience offered by a pod system.

Nootrie is currently perfecting the blend of internal efficiency and external design and preparing for its industrial manufacturing together with its partners.

The company, in close collaboration with a renowned Swiss producer of dietary supplements, is also working on the first Nootrie powder recipes for its portfolio of tasty and healthy drinks.

The Nootrie idea was born in 2013, and led to the development of a first prototype focusing on the technological aspects of the machine and the pods.

After many tests to achieve the best possible solution of powder and water, a machine was designed.

Nootrie not only offers a unique technology to ensure the best possible blend of powder to water, but also offers the right beverage to support supports the daily rhythms of busy people.

The benefits of Nootrie at a glance

  • Always offers the perfect blend of powder to water
  • Produces smooth, tasty drink that are prepared easily and quickly at the touch of a button
  • A variety of drinks that fit different daily situations. Nootrie has the right drink for every occasion!
  • High quality Swiss-made appliance
  • Pods containing reliable mixtures prepared by a leading Swiss sports and functional food producer

The market launch is planned for 2nd half 2019. The Nootrie system will become an important part of daily life for many active people.